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you are with us. welcome to a new hour. >> topping the news this hour, the carolinas are under a tropical storm warning as hurricane sandy sets her sights on the u.s. mainland. millions of people along the east coast preparing for her wrath. it could devastate a large portion of the country. >> plus americans targeted for terror by al-qaeda. the brand-new plot exposed. we will have a live report. but first, we are awaiting the start of governor mitt romney's final rally today in the battleground state of florida. just 10 days to go until election day, both candidates are not wasting anytime this weekend reaching out and trying to anyway to as many voters as they can. the chief political correspondent carl cameron joins us to the governor's rally.
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carl, good to see you. >> hi, rick. we are right now on interstate 4 in florida. the famed corridor wherefore decades, successful republican candidates have mined votes for victory. mitt romney just wrapped up an event in kiss saw -- kis sigh mee. earlier the day he started in the pan ham of pensacola, florida, a very, very republican part of the state. it was with a crowd of 8,000, 9,000 people in a big school auditorium he actually started courting independent swing voters and moderates taking about bipartisan ship and his pledge to do what he says barack obama failed to do. he was criticizion -- criticizing where he said he would be bipartisan and said that's what mr. obama did not do on obama care and a hoses of other issues.
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mitt romney offering an olive branch to the swing voters. >> he promised that it would be a post partisan presidency. we watched him over the last four years and he has been decisive and demonized any group that opposed him. he promised to cut the deficit in half. i know he says he wants to do something that helps with the budget, but to balance the budget it starts -- it helps to have actually had a budgets. >> from florida to new evening land, the nation watches as hurricane sandy prepares to bear down and slam into the atlantic coast. in florida they are not expecting to be too badly hit. he was asked to postpone all events. [no audio]. >> that's too bad.
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i was saying how well it was working while he was on the campaign bus. apologize for that technical glitch. we have team coverage of both campaigns coming up a little later on this hour. a live report from our chief white house correspondent ed henry traveling with president obama's campaign in the battleground state of new hampshire. that's coming up. speaking of the weather, this is a fox extreme weather alert. hurricane sandy's path is looking more ominous by the hour as it barrels up the eastern seaboard. the monster storm is already battering the mid-atlantic states with punishing wind and rain. sandy is expected to collide with antarctic air blast as it reaches the northeast which is bringing a so-called super storm to the heavily populated areas in the region. right now we check in with our meteorologist live in the weather center. maria, how is it looking? is it looking as bad as you are forecasting? >> it does not look good. we have a number of
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ingredients going on. we don't only have the tropical aspect of the storm system, but we also have some very cold air that will be in place on the western end of the storm. you will be talking about heavy snow, locally up to two feet possible across parts of the state of west virginia. many will be out of power and we will get that cold blast of air. that poses a dangerous situation not just for when the storm is on going across the mid-atlantic, but after that. with the power outages and the cold air in place. i quickly want to go over how to prepare. many should be thinking about that across portions of the mid-atlantic and the northeast. make sure your house and your yard is cleaned up. stock up for the long event including gasoline, batteries, flashlights and even drinking and food. so make sure you are stocked up for that. check in on your neighbors and don't forget your pets. have a plan in place. sandy is forecast still to make landfall across the mid-atlantic and northeast coast into monday night. we don't want to focus on
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where the center of sandy will be making landfall. it is a very large storm system. the national hurricane system stated that tropical storm-force winds exstepped from the center of the storm up to 520 miles. meaning the total storm coverage is over a thousand miles. it will be a prolonged event wherever the storm system makes landfall. it is well outward from the center of the storm system. we are already starting to see the heavy rain come down across eastern portions of north carolina. tropical storm force wind gusts have been reported. the forecast track, sandy is forecast to remain powerful over the next several days. maximum sustained winds right now are 75 miles per hour. sandy is still a hurricane. it could make somewhat of a transition from a hurricane to more of a post tropical system regardless of that. again it is a large storm and it will pack a punch in the form of heavy rain. locally up to 11 inches are possible across portions of the eastern carolinas. 4 to eight inches across
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portions of the northeast. locally up to 10 inches will be across the region. another big concern is storm surge. right now the center is forecast to make landfall across the parts of new jersey and areas north of that will have to deal with an on shore flow. meaning the water level will be rising out across parts of the coast of new jersey, long island and a big concern out here is it is pretty much the worst case scenario for new york city they will be on the northern end of the storm system and we will see the rise in water out here. we could be looking at a storm surge as high as eight feet. as we coincide that, we are talking about a lot of coastal flooding for many of these people. a lot of flood watches from north carolina and as far inland as cleavland, ohio. this is not just a coast ali vent, but well -- coastal event. >> that does not look good. we will talk about how to prepare for the storm.
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he will add getting your meds in place for this hurricane. the eastern u.s. faces a threat from hurricane sandy and taking it seriously. that's a good thing. parts of the of the northeast with mandatory evacuations. sandy is whipping the carolinas right now is making her way up the coast. we go live to north carolina where a tropical storm warning and a flood watch are now in affect. elizabeth, what is going on there? we seem to be not getting any reprieve. the wind and rain is relentless, and we are getting pelted by very, very cold rain. the wind is 25 to 30 miles per hour, but we anticipate through the night up to 50 mile per hour wind gusts, and it will stay that way through sunday and into monday. you can see pretty nasty surf. we are seeing waves between four to six feet and we haven't seen the worst of it quite yet. you can see it is starting to
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become high tide. the highest tide will be around 9:00 p.m. that's a big concern for folks here. when it is high tide we will see the peak of the storm which means more coastal flooding. the outer banks surrounded by the atlantic ocean. and the sounds. we have water from both sides and rising. folks say they are spending the day getting supplies and gat res and water. and batteries and water. they are bringing cars in and anchoring down boats. a lot of people say they prepare for every storm the same way. here is what one resident told us. >> the key is to be prepared. the times you don't prepare or bat ton down the hatches are the times you do get the damage. it seems when you do prepare you avoid the bullet. that's what we learned here. better to be on the safe side. >> about 10 miles from here is the beach. they just had a $37 million
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beach restoration. there are a lot of folks who said their homes are protected by the new beach project. it should survive this storm. rick? >> thanks so much. the frep -- the preparation is key like hurricane sandy. air they will mentioned this, but coming up later in the hour, the a-teamer will join us with some tips to make sure you and your family are ready whether it is for sandy or other kind of emergency, that's later on. and this is a fox news alert. police in indonesia disrupting a massive terror plot. the anti-terror squad are arresting nearly a dozen expected militants and allegedly planning to attack the u.s. embassy, a u.s. consulate and major corporation. all of this is coming 10 years after a deadly terror attack in bali that killed more than 200 people, mostly foreign
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tourists. david is live from thailand. david? >> yes, this seems to be an advanced plot to attack the u.s. embassy and other targets in indonesia. it seems only the intervention of the indonesian forces have managed to stop the attacks. the police say targets were the u.s. embassy, the consulate and the australian embassy also in the capital of jakarta. the group was planning attacks on the local office of the u.s. mining company free port mcmorin as well as thing headquarters of a special police force. a police spokesman says the suspects belong to a new terror group calling themselves the suni movement for indonesian society. they are a generally muslim country and are suni.
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they suggest the group was prepared for the attacks. the items included a number of bombs, bomb-making material and ammunition, a gas canister full of explosive material and videos of attacks on muslims from around the world and a bomb-making manual. it is not clear if they have linked to other established terror groups in indonesia. the country has suffered a number of deadly terror attacks in the past. the first and deadliest was in 2002 in bali when 2002 people died -- when 202 people died there. the forces have had some success. they either killed or captured many of the high ranking terror leaders in that country. it suggests they had good intelligence this time, and they managed to stop this massive plot to attack so many targets there. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much.
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a top al-qaeda leader calling for muslims to kidnap westerners to exchange for imprisoned jihaddists. in a two-hour video he is telling his followers that abducting westerners is the only way to free their captives you including the blind cleric who is serving a life sentence for his role in the 1990 world trade center bombing. also in the video he urges support for the syrian uprising and pushes for allah in egypt. and rick, there are growing questions about what president obama knew and when after the u.s. consulate in libya came under attack. fox news learning that multiple pleas for help were made by those on the ground, but were denied. >> air they -- arthel, president obama was asked twice for this information and that they asked for help three times while under attack and were denied three times. the president said his administration is trying to
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find out what happened that day and track down the people who carried out the attack. >> nobody wants to find out more of what happened than i do. we want to get it right. particularly because i have made a commitment to the familyies i'm fact -- impacted. we will gather the facts and find out exactly what happened. make sure it doesn't happen again. >> the key question remains, who was it who denied help to those americans under attack? even as the battle around the cia annex stretched into four hours. fuff time for the military in the region to arrive. the cia says it didn't turn down request for help. and the pentagon said they didn't receive requests to deploy outside libya. two senators accuse the obama administration of a, quote, lack of truthfulness. they said in a statement, quote, after almost two months have passed, it is time for the president to finally come
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clean and order his staff to released all communications regarding benghazi. the death of four public servants warrants that action. and john mccain blames the pentagon for not being ready to help those americans in peril. he basketballs it -- he calls it a, quote, lack of leadership. >> they were not prepared and there was no alert of any kind that would have enabled him to reach a state of readiness. >> the defense secretary leon panetta said that military leaders didn't have enough information about what was going on on the ground and therefore could not, quote, put forces at risk in that situation. arthel? >> thank you very much. we want to remind you to catch a special investigation into the deadly attack airing this weekend, "benghazi, new revelations" breaking down the details of the attack. you can watch at 3:00 and
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10:00 eastern time. that's on sunday. when we come back, growing fear in michigan as a shooting spree has another victim. the police need your help in tracking down this gunman. >> and still ahead, president obama tries to nail down a key swing state that he won in 2008. we'll tell you where he is and how close the race is there. that's coming up.
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a new gallup poll is getting a lot of attention. mainly because it shows reversal from 2008. republicans outnumbered democrats. the polls showed 36% of likely voters call themselves republicans compared with 35% who say they are democrats. if you include those who say they lean republican, the gop lead said the democrats enjoyed a 10-point advantage in party identification. 12 points if you counted the leaners. to keep it fair and balanced our next guest whose communications are for obama. thank you for joining us. i don't know how you feel about this poll and i know a lot of democrats are upset with the organization over the
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last several weeks. but what do you think about that? why might there be a shift in the number of people who consider themselves republicans now as opposed to democrats? >> first of all, thanks for having me on. if you go to the top line at the top of the numbers on the website, the number one take away from the poll according to gal lop is the turnout will look like it did in 2008 than it did in 2010. they themselves say that means the president's coalition, younger voters, women voters, african-american latino voters will show up like they did in the past. more importantly there is all the talk about polls and the likely voters and talk about registered voters. we can talk about actual voters. if you look at places like ohio where voting started today, the democratic coalition is turning out in force. you are seeing more voting in precincts that went for obama than those who went for
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mccain. we are seeing people aren inning gauged and showing up to vote. >> if democrats are trailing in party id and if republicans come out big and have a huge turnout, what will that mean for the president and his chances of winning a second term? >> i will say two things on that. going back to the point i made earlier, people are turning out early to vote. look at the battle ground states 1k3* almost always have early voting states. colorado, iowa, florida. the numbers of people are casting votes and they don't match the numbers that we have seen. and more importantly, look, it is a trick that this comes down to a set of states and we talk about how we will win the presidency. if you look across the board we have seen strong democratic registration numbers. in north carolina we added 250,000 new reg straints to the -- reg straints to the polls. the majority of whom live in democratic precincts and come from democratic backgrounds. so the polls are going to say what they will say.
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if you look at what is happening we feel good about where we are at and how we are doing in the state when there is early voting. >> let's look at where we are on the economy and the gdp nun numbers and the unemployment numbers. this must not have been the kind of growth that barack obama was talking about, was promising when he stood in front of those crowds in chicago on election night four years ago after having been declared the next president of the united states. such a big moment for the obama family. he must have stood there hoping four years from that night things would look a lot better economically speaking than they do today. >> let's look at the numbers. the gdp numbers that came out this week were above what they were projected to be. we saw a few weeks ago that unemployment was below 8% for the first time since the president took over in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the great depression. we all agree we need to do more. we agree that things can get better. but this president has done
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incredible things considering the republicans in congress have said from day one they will say no to anything he wants to do. not just for the economy, but to move his agenda forward. things are headed in the right direction. there is still work to do. the president believes he is showing the american people he can get the job done. he has laid out a clear plan on how to build on that. >> he is the communications director for obama. thanks so much. >> great, thanks, rick. listen up, there is a new bright spot on the job front. according to the national restaurant association, the industry is growing by leaps and bounds and that is even for people with unrelated degrees. the thing is you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and work your way up. that's part of our on going series. dominique is live with the details. hi, dominique. >> hi, arthell. working in a restaurant used to be a certain dye m that mick and that has changed. an extra 200,000 jobs have
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been created in the restaurant industry. and in the past three years we have seen over half a billion jobs as a result of people seeing there are opportunities there that didn't exist in the past in terms of just how serious a career in catering and restaurant tearing could be. we spoke to some big names in the industry. they just explained to us and spelled out for us just why it has become such an attractive career. take a listen. >> if you can work in the restaurant business you learn teamwork and marketing and learn service and learn hard work and you learn dedication and commitment. you learn communication. it is all there because it is multi faceted. >> the hourly wages including tips approach $35 an hour in some cases. the rewards are great. the flexibility is great. >> you know, $30 to $35 an hour equates to about $78 to $80,000 a year. that's a serious salary for
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what is generally considered a humble trade. that's obviously working in a high end restaurant, but this will add 1.5 billion jobs to the american economy over the next decade. plenty of opportunities in an unexpected sector for those who want a new start. back to you. >> and you can work your way up. that's the main thing people are saying. you can get in where you get in and work hard and it will payoff. $30 and $35 an hour is not bad. and then what happens in the end you get hair like guy's, spruced up and lots of product. >> a quick break. when we come back new violence rocking syria despite a cease-fire. what each side is saying about the broken truce. >> and campaigning in the battleground state of colorado. why it is now a must win for both candidates. >> we are going to make it happen, colorado. you need to make it it happen. we can do it together. i love this country. i believe in america.
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i believe in you.
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fox news alert and live now to mayor michael bloomburg who is speaking of preparations and plan august head of hurricane sandy which is expected to hit new york city. one of the big questions is about public transportation and whether or not the city will preemptively shutdown all subways and close all bridges and tunnels ahead of the storm. let's take a listen. >> not much during the day. the storm would start getting worse on sunday evening, tomorrow, and into monday. we want to make sure and i will go over the parks and the beaches and that sort of thing. don't get lulled tomorrow when there is not a lot of rain and not a lot of wind. this is a dangerous storm. i think we are going to be okay, but if it were to strengthen unexpectedly or change its expected path, it
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could do a lot of damage, and you could be at risk. so if things are the way planned and if everybody does what they are supposed to do, we will get through this very nicely and look back on it and say maybe we can offer some help to other parts of the area upstate or below us and south of us which might get hit a lot harder. the trajectory says that the storm will hit a little bit south of us. the maryland and delaware area and nobody is exactly sure where landfall is going to be. we are working to ensure that no matter how or when the storm arrives, the city will be well prepared. lower manhattan is the most vulnerable place in a storm surge and kevin will talk about the elements of the system down there that may be vulnerable to flooding.
3:32 pm
flooding, electricity and steam. steam is used by a lot of big buildings to run their facilities. if the steampipes were to get inundated, the difference in the temperature makes them dangerous to continue to keep going. they might have to shut some of them down. we are not ordering any evacuations as of this time for any part of the city. we are making that decision based on the nature of this storm. although we are expecting a large surge of water, it is not expected to be a tropical storm or hurricane-type surge. with this storm we will likely see a slow pile up of water rather than a sudden surge which is what you would expect from a hurricane, and which we saw with irene 14 months ago. it will be less dangerous, but make no mistake about it. there will be a lot of water, and low-lying areas will experience flooding. the city's department of transportation and environmental protection will
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be deployed throughout the city to address flooding conditions. as i said yesterday there are six hospitals and 41 -- >> all right, that is mayor michael bloomburg talking about what the city is doing to prepare for sandy which is expected to really reach new york city and this area tomorrow evening and into monday morning. he did mention that south of new york is expected to get a direct hit including philadelphia where the mayor has declared a state of emergency that begins at 5:00 tomorrow morning. so less than 12 hours from now and last until 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. as you can see, the path of the storm is going to go right into the most populated part of the united states of america. new york city, philadelphia and up to new england. we will keep an eye on that and keep you posted as we continue to track hurricane sandy.
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back to politics now, and as the race for the white house heads to the finish line, some political pundits are talking about adding colorado, yes colorado, to a list of the must win state for both sides. it is neither red nor blue, but purple. the nine electoral votes could be one of the keys to victory. the race is neck and neck. the real clear politics average shows president obama and romney tied with almost 48%. governor romney leads the president 50 to 46%. that's just within the margin of sampling error. taking a fair and balanced look at colorado with fox news political analyst and democratic campaign consultant , the founder of 100 proof good to see both of you. we are looking at religion first. we are talking about 23% of the evangelicals in colorado and only 2% mormon.
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the bottom line is can you take religion and does that directly correlate to votes? >> not only religion, but in the state of colorado, let's look at people there. they are fiercely independent. they maintain their strong values in their western traditions. if you look at the unemployment rate it is very high. mitt romney has momentum there. but if you look at the ballot initiatives -- >> one second. we will slow down. the unemployment high is not that high. it is 8%. i am just saying. >> exactly. >> we would like no one to be out of a job. >> exactly. >> you can't say it is very high. >> well, when the president says if you pass my jobs bill and my stimulus plan that unemployment would be 5.4%, arthel, that's high. to get back to what i sac weighing about the ballot initiatives, if you look at the initiatives that would push them and dealing with increasing government spending and increasing taxes.
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that goes to mitt romney's platform. >> all right. ryan, let me talk to you right now. we know the president won colorado in 2008. he gave his accentance speech in denver. let's look at the break down. we have five million people in colorado. 81% white and 4% african-american and 20% latino which is strong support for the president. we don't want to do this along color lines because the president is the president of the united states of america. however, let's look at the demographic break down and tell me, ryan, how you think it plays for the president there in colorado. >> especially with the rising latino electorat in this country, specifically in states like colorado and out west, the bullying of the right wing is coming home to roost for the republican party. opposing a road map to citizenship and standing in the way of the dream act is not the way to win over the vote of new american immigrants most of whom moved here to raise a family in a land of freedom and opportunity.
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and they are overtly hostile to immigrants. >> how are you saying that? >> there are people who are pushing an agenda that seeks to take latinos in this country and make them second class citizens. people who moved here like you and me. >> let's bring it down to colorado. it is an important state. we are talking about nine electoral votes. it is going to be a key deciding factor in this race. i want to be specific there. the president had great support there in 2008. i want to know if you think the president can maintain that. it is neck and neck. what should he do to keep his base on his side. >> specifically in colorado. if mitt romney thinks he will win colorado and if he hangs his hopes on winning colorado he will be sorely disappointed on election day. president obama has been leading him in the polls there for months now. he is above 50% in most of the polls i have seen. i just don't think if mitt romney is going to try and win this election in a state like colorado and the republicans
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think they will win that state to win this election, then the president already has this election locked in. >> i will let you july p in there, but the obama campaign wouldn't say it is in the bag. he wants his folks out to the polls 10 days from now. >> it will all go down to the fact of advocacy and getting your point of view across. what did tipper o'neil say, all politics is local? by the way, we are not hanging the whole race on colorado. if mitt romney doesn't win ohio, he is going to need to get wisconsin, new hampshire, iowa, colorado. we are looking at those scenarios. >> definitely. i agree with aping law there. i think -- angela there. the choices couldn't be more clear. if you want to roll back regulations on the banks who crashed our economy and end medicare as we know it, if you want to make the midkill class pay -- middle class pay, vote
3:39 pm
for romney and ryan. if you want to get our country back on track and reconstructing the middle explas putting americans back to work -- >> we are giving a campaign speech here. >> ryan you are done because guess what, that is the first time you and i have spoken and i gave you a little leeway, but you come up with a talking place which i hate. i am not taking sides here by any means. make note of that. let me go back to you, angela. i want you to close on this for me. you mentioned how you claimed the economy in colorado is horrible. you had 7,000 jobs added last month. >> according to one local economist there, she says the trend is going in the right direction. are you afraid that momentum may play against governor romney in colorado 1234*. >> i don't think it will. look at the ballot initiative. you have a democrat governor and democrat legislature, the bottom line is people will vote their pocket books.
3:40 pm
people in colorado are suffering. if you look at the liberal cities there, you have denver. you have boulder. if you look at the rest of the state, it is about as red as texts. it is as red as texas. >> finish your point. i cut you off. >> it will all come down to advocacy in getting out the vote. both parties need to get their message out there. >> 10 more days. and ryan don't tell the obama voters he has it in the bag. i don't think he would like that. ryan, clayton, thank you very much. >> thanks for having us. >> absolutely. angela, always good to see you. >> you too. will ins of undecided voters are scratching their heads. what is going on? coming up, we go inside the mind of this critical voting block and try to figure out what we really want? >> what they really, really want. >> ♪ if you want to be my lover ♪ ♪ you have to get with my
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friends ♪
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well, you may already know who you are voting for. chances are, it may be one of the millions who haven't made up their minds yet. so what is taking them so long? it is the university of southern california. susan, good to see you. >> always good to see you. >> let's talk about this. first of all, are you surprised by how many undecided voters there are? we are talking about 5%. 16% if you factor in other variables. 18% -- 30% independents. is it because they just -- why can't they make up their minds? is it the old lesser of the two evils? >> some of it is probably that. the focus on undecideds, there are always undecideds one in 10 people left the poll and said they made their decision in the last 10 days. it is just usually they don't count.
3:46 pm
it is because we have such a tight race right now. should those undecided voters move as a group to either candidate, they could decide the election. >> right. so let's talk then about the missing link to get the wave of the undecided that you are talking about. what is it that governor romney perhaps is missing for the people to kind of go his way, and what is it president obama is missing for that wave of independence or some to go his way. some of these folks don't pay much attention to politics. i would say they are to politics as i am to baseball which is as i just figured out -- >> did you know there is a world series going on right now, susan? just wondering. >> i am not exactly sure. other people who voted for obama last time around are disappointed with the last four years, but aren't sure romney is going to take them in the right direction.
3:47 pm
this includes working class women, working women, unmarried women. they seem to be among the key voting blocks up for grabs. you will see both candidates trying to reach out. romney not telling people they were wronged four years ago, but they are right to be disappointed. the president telling people look at what we have accomplished and how much more can we do. and then you will see both campaigns on the ground having identified most of their voters and trying to get them out. >> just curious, what do you think president obama -- what do you think of president obama as they are trying to sway his way. at what point does he bring up the, well you remember when president george w bush took off with the sur plus and -- surplus. do people even care at this point? they say i don't care. my wallet is at a deficit. >> i don't know that most people are particularly interested with what the
3:48 pm
economy is like. is like four or eight years ago. it is exactly as you say. how am i doing now, and how am i going to do in the future as opposed to if you got it worse from bush. he is not running against bush. he is running against romney who staked out his own territory. ii think he has to address the economy right now and going forward. and then excuses don't really sell at this point. >> susan, you always break it down with great analysis and perspective. we do appreciate you. want to remind everybody that you can read her syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. right now hurricane sandy is bearing down on the east coast. the impact from the monster storm is expected to stretch for hundreds and hundreds of miles as it makes its way up the coast. are you prepared? coming up, some tips to make sure you stay safe during this
3:49 pm
emergency or any emergency ?o matter where you live -- no matter where you live in the country when we come right back.
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welcome back. hurricane sandy is bearing down on the eastern u.s. it is already lashing the mid-atlantic as it moves north. the so-called super storm is
3:53 pm
expected to bring power outages and major flooding and even snow in some areas. >> people on the east coast are taking forecasters' warnings seriously stocking up on supplies to help them weather the storm. our fox news medical aide team has helpful tips to keep you and your family safe. this is a kit i have that was given to fox news employees to keep at their desk in case of an emergency. it has a number of things in there, water packs, a flashlight. these are the kind of things that everybody should have in their homes in case of an emergency. i know we want to talk about people who may have health issues that they are dealing with. some fear and anxiety as the storm is micking its way -- is making its way toward you. >> the first point you already made. you don't want to label it hurricane preparedness or blackout preparedness. you need a generic kit. that kit should contain three days of water or a gallon a day, food, batteries because
3:54 pm
you don't want to use candles or anything like that. the most important thing from my point of view is medications. you want seven days of medications in case you have to wait for medications. what we are looking at in this nor' easter hurricane is the risk of flooding and the risk of power loss. with flooding i worry about people banging into things and getting hurt and potable water. will they keep enough water that is drinkable? water can get contaminated quickly in a flood. in power loss are you storing enough water? did you fill your bathtub with water? does the top of your toilet have water in it? you may have an electrical toilet. you need enough water to fit your toilet, and you need the medications. the thing that worries the most is worry. i want people to be calm. i want peement to be planning -- people to be planning ahead. the biggest treatment for fear is planning. what if someone says you have to leave your house? where would you go?
3:55 pm
where are you storing your most important documents? plan ahead and know what your particular risk is. you may be watching us talk about a powerful storm, but what is likely to happen to you? if you are out west, maybe it is not age. if you -- not anything. maybe it is a flood or power loss. know your risk and prepare. don't panic. >> dr. mark, we want to make sure the animals are taken care of, and make sure if you have children in the house they are clear on what the plan is as well. how do you tell parents to make sure the kids know exactly what we need to do. >> good point, pets, make sure there is food put aside for pets. furniture, bicycles and things outside the house have to be bat toned down, especially kids can be really easily injured. the thing about kids is they are a lot smarter than you think they are. they are watching tv too. let's keep them informed about what is happening. if they see you worrying they are going to worry. if they get fearful, they
3:56 pm
don't act as well. calm is the main thing, but you want them informed. >> always good to see you, and thank you for coming on and talking to us about this. it is very important as people get ready. some folks are already feeling the affects of this, and over the next several days a lot more people will. >> yes. stay safe, everybody. that does it for us right now. harris falkner is coming up next. we will have much more. keep it here on the fox newschannel. and last year, she wasn't eating so wel so i recmended boost complete nutritional drink to help her get the nutrition she was missing. and now she drinks it every day. well, it tastes great! [ male announcer ] boost has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. [ dietitian ] now, nothing keeps mom from doing what she loves -- being my mom. [ male announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost.
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